Welcome..To Cash-Back Rebate Program For Blood-Test, Dental Plans, X-Ray, MRI, and other Purchases using the AAfter Search Engine..

Before we talk about Medical discounts, here is a small background information about us..

Our mission at AAfter is to find out ways our visitors can save money on every online purchase that is made using the Sponsored Results of the AAfter search. How do we do that? First, we offer up to 25% cash-back rebates [profit sharing] at over 500 popular stores (and this number is growing everyday) like Target, Children's Place, Wal-Mart, Kodak, Sony and more. You also get deep discount for medical lab tests, X-RAY, prescriptions, and MRI. Second, our staff adds daily money-saving coupons and special on hot products.

The combination of the AAfter's cash-back rebate [profit sharing] and coupons/sales bring you the deals which are hard to find. This can add up to great savings every time you shop with AAfter Search Engine. Please, make sure you are signed-in AAfter before you start shopping to see the most savings.. This is easy and quick..

How to get deep discount for medical lab tests, Dental Plans, X-RAYs, prescriptions, MRI, and CAT scan?

How do I get Rebates?

1. Search for the stuff @ AAfter.Com
2. Look for "Sponsored Results" @ the top of the results page.
3. Do not find your stuff? Also try the more Sponsored Links..
4. Shop clicking on the Sponsored Results, Save & Get Rebates!

FREE Medical Discount Card - Savings & Rebates for our Members - Hospitals, Doctors, Blood Test, Dental, X-Rays, MRI and Medications

This has all the information you, your pharmacy, and other service providers need to give you up to 70% savings on different medical services and products. You can always sign in here for updated information by using
username: your_test_email@aafter.com
password : your_test_email@aafter.com

This is NOT Insurance. Payments are due during the service. Void where prohibited. By clicking on the FAQ link from any page of this site, you can come back to this page for updated information so long your are signed in AAfter.

Get Discounts at Hospitals and Doctors Offices using Carington
If you do not qualify for insurance this could be your option to enjoy the same reduced price paid by the insurance companies to hospitals and doctors. This is really hard to find benefit, and you get $5 cashback if get it using the above link.

Lab [Blood Test] Discounts - 10% Instant Cash-Back Rebate [Order Placed Via this Web Link only. NOT VALID FOR PHONE ORDERS]
For up to 70% discount on different blood tests [Wellness checkups] : You can Call 1-800-908-0000 for more information. However, only the order placed through web link gets the 10% Cash-Back Rebate. If you leave the order page and visit other pages of the site, please come back to AAFter and use the above link before ordering to get the 10% off. [If you call or fax them, please, tell them AFTC has referred you]

Dental Plan Discounts
A lot of dental-plans to select from according to your need.

Discount with X-RAY, MRI, CAT SCAN [No Cash-Back Rebate]
For up to 70% discount on different imaging procedures: You can Call 1-866-763-3837 for more information. You do not get cash-back with them, hence do not use them for lab. Use them only for X-Ray, MRI etc.

Pharmacy Card
Important Information for Service Providers..

Your Discount Card identification Number is: 436394560 [need to Sign in to see it]
Your Pharmacy Discount Group Number: 2015 Bin Number: 007093 Processor Control Number: TPN Pharmacy help desk number: 1-888-422-1970 [a service from ICA ]

Dear Pharmacist: Use Bin Number “007093” and Processor Control Number “TPN”. Enter the group number (2015), and cardholder ID (436394560). Also enter the prescription information, and your lowest usual & customary price. If you have questions about processing a prescription please call the pharmacy help desk number at 1-888-422-1970.

Free Prescription Medications
You may qualify for free medications [ www.needymeds.com ] : Call 1-215-625-9609 [Tell them AAfter-MedisaveAmerica has referred you, and be polite and respectful to them, they are really not-for-profit]

Options for Chronic Disease Managements [Work In Progress]
This free site has classified different options or treatments for chronic disease managements. This is more biased towards alternative treatments.

We want to be your trusted friend - answering your questions, helping you to make the right decisions in a free and open society.

Please, refer AAfter.com [ before/aafter with double A] to your friends and families.

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